2021 NCAA Basketball Odds Ranking: Gonzaga, Baylor, Headlines Latest Poll

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After a year of missing collegiate basketball, the 2021 NCAA season is now back on track. On March 14, 2021, the NCAA is scheduled to push through the Selection Sunday. There are only 68 teams who will get the chance to enter the 2021 March Madness season. Four days after the Selection, the tournament begins with the First Four.

As the NCAA progresses this year, it will only settle at a few venues inside Indianapolis. The organization has to abide by full health protocols to avoid Coronavirus infection. All staff, players, and NCAA employees will undergo testing before they get into the venue.

The excitement brought by the return of March Madness will give each collegiate team another reason to work hard in clinching for the NCAA prestige. While each school has played the best time of their lives to secure a slot in the Selection Sunday, here are the top ten teams that will surely get into the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

Gonzaga Bulldogs

Staying undefeated in the West Coast Conference, the Gonzaga Bulldogs are currently on top in the 2021 NCAA ranking. They garnered nine wins and still maintained a winning streak. A few days ago, they won two games against the Pacific and Pepperdine. In the coming weekend, the Bulldogs face BYU, which is a crucial game to look forward to.

Baylor Bears

The Big-12 Conference got the Baylor Bears as the toughest team to represent in the 2021 NCAA Odds Tournament. They also got nine wins and no losses as the Selection Sunday progresses. BYU missed their dreams last year of playing in the NCAA as they failed to enter the First Rounds. Today, they are hustling hard and will face Texas Tech a week from now.

Michigan State Spartans

Despite losing their last three games against Rutgers, Ohio State, and Iowa, the Michigan State Spartans are still looking great in the NCAA ranking today. They currently sit next to the Bears and the Bulldogs. In the Big Ten Conference, Michigan State Spartans are the number one team with eight wins and one loss.

Alabama Crimson Tide

Last week, Alabama won over Kentucky to a 70-59 game run but was lost to Oklahoma in a 66-61 game slate. Given the latest game they accomplished, the Alabama Crimson Tide is taking the fourth rank in the NCAA Tournament today. They presently take the top seed in the Southeastern Conference, garnering ten victories.

Houston Cougars

The Houston Cougars made it to the Sweet 16 last season but lost to Kentucky in a 62-58 game run. Today, they are taking 5th place in the 2021 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament ranking. They currently topped in the American Athletic Conference (ACC), garnering ten victories and two defeats.

Ohio State Buckeyes

The Ohio State Buckeyes recently won against the Iowa Hawkeyes to an 89-85 game run. This victory allowed them to earn the 6th spot in the 2021 NCAA ranking. Last year, they were part of the Second Round playoffs but failed to inch a step in the Elite Eight. Today in the Big Ten Conference, Ohio State Buckeyes is in the third seed with nine victories and four losses.

Illinois Fighting Illini

Illinois had won their last three games against Penn State, Iowa, and Indiana. With this, they got the 7th spot in the 2021 NCAA ranking. They are a step ahead of the Ohio State Buckeyes in the Big Ten Conference seeding, which records eight wins and three losses. Illinois Fighting Illini is facing the Wisconsin Badgers in their next game.

Villanova Wildcats

The Villanova Wildcats were a bit short last season, missing the playoffs. Today, they settle on 8th place in the 2021 NCAA ranking. They defeated Seton Hall twice as well as Providence. That said, the Villanova Wildcats are taking the top seed in the Big East Conference, garnering six wins and one loss.

Texas  Longhorns

Last week the Texas Longhorns defeated Kansas State to an 82-67 game run. This gives them a way to settle at 9th place in the 2021 NCAA ranking. Besides, they are the second-seeded team in the Big 12 Conference with five victories and three losses, sitting next to Baylor.

Iowa Hawkeyes

The Iowa Hawkeyes got a huge win against Michigan State a few days ago to an 84-78 game run. As such, they are settling in 10th place for today’s NCAA ranking. Their Big Ten Conference lines occupy the top seed with eight wins and one loss.

To Sum Up

Without any signs of postponement this year, the 2021 March Madness season is heading its way to Lucas Oil Stadium next month. Thus, college basketball teams will get another chance to vie for the highest accomplishment they can get at NCAA. Make sure to get guided with the top ten huge teams above, as one of them might win this year.

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