Basketball on the Edge – 3 Ways Coaches Can Inspire Their Athletes by John O’Sullivan

Tremendous article about how coaches can improve the sports experience for their athletes. If you are a basketball coach at any level of the game please take five minutes to click on the link below and read this article by John O’Sullivan. In the article O’Sullivan quotes 6x national champion NCAA soccer coach, Jerry Yeagley from Indiana University.

“Coaching isn’t just running practices and X’s and O’s. It’s about culture, and unity, and recognizing every player for what they bring to the table. Your problem is you have a bunch of piano players. Every team needs some piano carriers too, and if you want people to carry the piano in training and games it’s up to you to let them know that they matter too.”

Learn three keys to making your athlete’s eyes light up, improving performance, and building a championship culture.

Click here to read the article by John O’Sullivan

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