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Head Start Basketball is teaming up with Huffman Basketball to offer you the best Virtual Basketball Training you’ll find anywhere!
Our first session, set up just for Head Start Basketball, will take place on Saturday, October 31 at 10 am EST. This is a one hour workout.
Hosted by HB’s Home Basketball Workouts
Virtual home basketball workouts is what Huffman Basketball does. And yes, we know there are thousands of fancy basketball drills, online Instagram trainers, and “elite” basketball camps out there, so why try HB online basketball classes?
Huffman Basketball (HB) was founded by Kent State’s All-Time leading scorer, Trevor Huffman, who also became a 13-year MVP-winning overseas, two-time NBA cup o’ Joe point guard, pro head coach, and captained the Mid-American Conference’s all-time winningest team.
Trevor will be leading this virtual workout for Head Start Basketball!
  • Elementary to Middle School Grade Boys and Girls: Beginner to Intermediate Levels first 25-30 minutes
  • Middle School to High School Boys & Girls: Intermediate to Advanced Levels last 25-30 minutes
Athletes are welcome to try both sessions!
This HB home basketball workout requires two basketballs, 4 cones, a jump rope, and a minimum of 10 feet by 10 feet of cleared space, a driveway, an indoor gym, kitchen, living room, outdoor court, or whatever space you can get!If you have a hoop, great,tif you don’t, no worries!
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I’m very excited to share these videos because I believe they will help your child improve their basketball skill set. This is one more way we hope to provide value to you as a loyal follower of Head Start Basketball.

We’re going to start by presenting a series of videos that demonstrates “The Daily Dozen” ballhandling drills.  All of these drills have been around a long time.  I practiced them every day when I was a kid and I believe they still have tremendous value, especially for young players that are trying to develop their ballhandling skills.  Plus, they’re fun to do!

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Each week we will be publishing a new drill that will help you build your basketball skill set.  Check out the list below to access all of the drills that have been released so far.

Drill of the Week

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