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The Hoop Heads Podcast is co-hosted by Head Start Basketball Founder Mike Klinzing and Coach Jason Sunkle.  The Hoop Heads Podcast covers a wide range of basketball topics relevant to coaches, players, and parents.  Listen in for interviews with personalities from across the basketball landscape.

Our line-up of podcast guests includes some of the top minds in the game across all levels, from grassroots to the NBA. They’ll share insights to help you grow as a coach, improve as a player, or enhance your experience of the game as a parent. You’ll gain new perspectives on what the best coaches are doing, how they do it, and why they do it. We hope to make you think and challenge you to consider your approach to the game of basketball.

We’ll also attempt to entertain and inform as we share our thoughts on the NBA and college hoops. We are passionately committed to the Hoop Heads Podcast and growing the game of basketball.

Thank you for being a part of Hoop Heads Nation!

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